Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for, among other things, seeking sponsorships from outside sources - both monetary and in-kind donations - and developing partnerships with business groups and service providers to offer special benefits for our members. Funds collected from outside sources can be directed towards the organization's general fund or specifically towards our scholarship fund. Our general fund goes towards the operation of the organization, including chapter support, and also is used for community outreach projects. 

Each year, we host an annual conference that provides our members with the opportunity to obtain continuing legal education credits on topics that are timely for women attorneys and for the State of North Carolina. The conference includes an awards banquet that honors women and law firms who have advanced the mission and goals of the NCAWA. Operation of the organization includes the creation and production of directories, newsletters, brochures, and our newly developed web site that covers interesting topics, highlights accomplishments of members, announces opportunities for fellowship and leadership, and links the public to our mission and our members to one another. 


Are you interested in joining the Fundraising Committee?

If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Committee, please contact Committee Chair Monica Webb.

Are you interested in sponsoring or supporting NCAWA?

If you are interested in obtaining NCAWA's sponsorship benefits package and/or further discussing sponsoring NCAWA, please contact either Monica Webb or NCAWA's Executive Director.

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The North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys (NCAWA) is the organization where women lawyers in North Carolina come together to build important personal and professional relationships. The NCAWA is about women helping women. When you join the NCAWA, you can expect leadership opportunities, rewarding work on our committees, a networking forum for business development, and more.  

Mission Statement

NCAWA's mission is to promote the participation of women in the legal profession and advance the rights and welfare of women under the law.